Below: Right & Left :

The BULLRING lock with brass key cover. Made in England. Various other Padlocks & Locks in stock.

Left :

A large pair of Blacksmith made wrought Iron
hinges (No pins) would need to be made by
blacksmith when frame depth is known.

The top hinge pictured would have been the
lower door hinge & is 29” x 14.5”

The bottom hinge pictured would be the top
hinge & is 28.25” x  2.5”.

All sizes approximate
Right :

A pair of hardwood & brass door knobs
with a unique method of adjustment where
the bar is slotted to take a drop in cam,
very easy to adjust as these do not require
grub screws.

There are many other door knobs &
escutcheons in stock. This pair now are